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Alternative Views #454: SECRETS OF THE GULF

Published 1991


From various sources we piece together three significant facets of the Gulf
War which were ignored or distorted by the media. First is the history of
the area, particularly the development of Iraq and its relationship to
Kuwait; the legitimate complaints which Iraq had with Kuwait; and the
various ways which the US may have manipulated Saddam Hussein in attacking
Kuwait after installing Saddam in the first place and protecting him as a
useful ally until the war started.

Run time: 59:13
New segments recorded February, 1991
News: September 28, 1991
Copyright October, 1991

* Note:
* The Alternative Information Network
* address in the video is no longer in use.

Run time 59:13
Producer Frank Morrow
Production Company Alternative Information Network
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


Co-hosts: Frank Morrow and Doug Kellner
Researcher: Mike Jankowski
Technical adviser: Brian Koenigsdorf


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